How to make frameless glass designs work in your bathroom

In modern bathrooms, a continuous and seamless look is the current popular design. Frameless glass plays an important role in creating a continuous feel from the shower to the bathtub. In fact, having thick and conspicuous frames around your bathroom glass tends to create secluded spaces that make your bathroom appear segmented. Frameless glass adds a level of fluidity that creates an elegant bathroom space.  You may be wondering how you can capitalise on this frameless glass theme to make your bathroom truly elegant. [Read More]

Top Reasons to Consider Professional Glass Window Repairs

Have you realized that there is a slight draft at your home? Are there cold patches you are experiencing while walking through various locations? These are some of the signs that you need glass window repairs or replacement. Once you realize that you have these issues in your home, you should consider seeking professional help to remedy them. Here are advantages of allowing window repair experts to service your home windows as opposed to doing it yourself. [Read More]

How to Avoid Foggy Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors can be installed in bathrooms to brighten up the space by redirecting natural light to other parts of the room, but they can also work as a decorative feature. However, bathroom mirrors require some level of maintenance to keep functioning properly and looking nice. One of the common problems experienced with bathroom mirrors is fogging. If left unattended, fog can ruin the reflective properties and aesthetic look of the mirrors. [Read More]

Simple Tips for Improving Your Home's Overall Insulation

The insulation of your home is very important, and not just for your own comfort. If your home is not properly insulated, trapped humidity can lead to damage of the home's framework and structure, as well as to dangerous mould growth. Excessive heat or bitter cold in the home can also damage timber floors and other surface materials, and of course your utility bills will see a spike when your home is not properly insulated. [Read More]