How to Avoid Foggy Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors can be installed in bathrooms to brighten up the space by redirecting natural light to other parts of the room, but they can also work as a decorative feature. However, bathroom mirrors require some level of maintenance to keep functioning properly and looking nice.

One of the common problems experienced with bathroom mirrors is fogging. If left unattended, fog can ruin the reflective properties and aesthetic look of the mirrors. If you're considering adding mirrors to your bathroom, below are some important tips to help keep the mirrors fog-free.

Ensure proper ventilation in the bathroom

It is a no-brainer — poor ventilation in bathrooms provides a suitable environment for moisture-heavy air to condense on cold surfaces. This makes bathroom mirrors ideal places for condensation to occur. Ensuring your bathroom is well-ventilated all the time is vital to achieving fog-free bathroom mirrors. Leave your bathroom door and windows open after having a shower to help remove moisture from the room and to prevent your mirrors from fogging up. In addition, you should consider installing a ventilator fan to help drive moisture-laden air out of your bathroom much faster when the door and windows are left open.

Install a mirror defogger

With the simple installation of an electrically powered heating pad known as a mirror defogger, you can avoid foggy bathroom mirrors with minimal effort. The pad is attached to the back of a mirror to clear fogging, which may make it difficult for you to see clearly. As mirror defoggers become more affordable, they are becoming a more common feature in homes. Defoggers are only effective at their job when installed properly, so make sure you hire a professional to do the installation work for you.

Use mirror anti-fog spray

Another great way to prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging up is to use anti-fog sprays. These sprays are chemical-based products used to prevent moisture-laden air from forming condensation on certain surfaces. Follow your mirror manufacturer's instructions regarding which type of anti-fog spray is right for your mirrors. This will help protect your mirror from damage caused by using the wrong products.  If you intend to use home-based anti-fog sprays, make sure the solution is mild and gentle on your mirrors.

With these tips, you can keep your bathroom mirrors fog-free and looking pristine for a long time. If you have any further questions on avoiding foggy bathroom mirrors, you can consult a professional glazier.