How to make frameless glass designs work in your bathroom

In modern bathrooms, a continuous and seamless look is the current popular design. Frameless glass plays an important role in creating a continuous feel from the shower to the bathtub. In fact, having thick and conspicuous frames around your bathroom glass tends to create secluded spaces that make your bathroom appear segmented. Frameless glass adds a level of fluidity that creates an elegant bathroom space. 

You may be wondering how you can capitalise on this frameless glass theme to make your bathroom truly elegant. This piece will cover three frameless glass designs you can implement in your bathroom.

1. Frameless shower screens

In most bathrooms, the shower and bathtub combination is the focal point of the entire space. Most people have now evolved from using a simple shower curtain to opting for a glass enclosure.

The next step is to remove those bulky and hard-lined frames that take away from the beauty of your shower glass. With a frameless design, you can make a small bathroom appear larger and more welcoming. In addition, frameless shower screens come in endless design options that fit even awkwardly shaped shower spaces. They also give off a luxurious feel that emulates a spa or other elegant bathroom area.

To maximise on this appearance, make sure you select thick and sturdy frameless glass panels that provide both style and durability.

2. Frameless mirror glass

The frameless theme doesn't stop with your shower screens. You should also try out frameless mirror glass on top of your bathroom sinks. Rather than using a thick frame that makes cleaning more annoying, match a frameless mirror glass with a stylish etched glass background. This elegant look and feel can breathe life to any bathroom space.

Next, match your faucets (and sink design) with the mirror for a more complete look. Frameless glass works well with brass fixtures and porcelain sinks.

3. Frameless cabinet doors

Frameless glass is also an excellent choice for your medicine cabinet. Thick frames around your cabinets can create disruptions along the walls of your bathroom. However, a frameless design blends well with your walls and is much easier to maintain. You also have more freedom to use unique lighting options throughout the bathroom. Lighting reflects much better against frameless cabinets. It also adds to the stylish appearance and theme of the entire space.

With frameless shower screens, mirrors, and cabinets, you can turn a dull bathroom into a spa-like haven right within your home.