Practical Tips for Keeping Window Repair Costs Low

Windows are prone to damage because they are exposed to both external and internal elements. Whether it is high winds or kids playing outside or inside the home, window damage can occur at anytime; therefore, it is essential to be prepared for such eventualities. While repairing windows is not a complicated process if you choose the right window repair service, the costs involved can be ridiculous. It is especially the case if the damage is significant. That said, there are strategies you can use to keep window repair costs down. Read on to find out more in this regard.

Avoid Add-Ons — When repairing your window, it is common to get tempted by add-ons that a service provider might suggest. Some of the add-on features are usually meant to tweak your new window or improve its functionality. For instance, a service provider might suggest a window with an exterior laminate glass that will protect the window from future breakage. While this will be a benefit to you, you might be required to dig deeper in your pocket to have such a feature installed. Other add-ons might include between-glass shades, integrated grills, or company supplied hardware. If you had not planned on adding these features before you contacted a repair service provider, then you do not have to implement recommendations from a service provider immediately.

Repair other Windows, Too — Most homeowners approach window repair based on the amount of damage done. For example, if one window has a broken glass pane and another window does not shut well, it is natural that most people will give priority to the windows with broken glass. While this is understandable, you are better off repairing all windows that have issues. The reason is that it is easier to negotiate for a discount when you have several windows to repair than when you want to fix only one window. Therefore, before you contact a window repair service provider, inspect windows in every room and take note of the slightest issues.

Leave Everything to the Expert — It is common for homeowners to try and pull remaining broken glass from a damaged window. Usually, this is done to prevent loose glass from falling and causing injury before the handyman arrives. While this is an understandable, it can lead to further damage to the window, thereby increasing the cost of repair. For example, if your window has four glass panes and only one is broken, prying the remaining pieces can damage adjacent panes or the wood. When this happens, you now have two panes and the wooden window border. Therefore, it is advisable not to touch a damaged window, especially if it involves broken glass panes. Let the professional handle everything.