Why You Should Install Glass Splashbacks

A kitchen is usually a hive of activities that can make it look ugly sometimes. For instance, the spices or even oils may easily stain the walls when cooking. However, you won't experience such problems if you install quality splashbacks. And although you can install those made of wood or tiles, glass splashbacks are definitely the most appealing ones. Most homeowners install glass splashbacks for the following reasons. They Come with Customised Patterns [Read More]

Four Ways to Give Your Glass Kitchen Splashback the Personal Touch

A glass splashback is there to protect your kitchen walls from splashes from your taps or cooking and therefore might seem to be entirely functional. However, like everything else in your home, you will probably want to give it a personal touch. Fortunately, there are many ways in which a splashback can be customised to fit in with your personal vision. Colour Firstly, splashbacks can be made with coloured glass to fit in with the overall colour scheme of your home. [Read More]