3 Cost Consideration Tips When Settling for Your Commercial Glass Specifications

The most important thing to remember in commercial construction is that you almost always get what you pay for. This means that building owners that are obsessed with the bottom-line may lose out on potential long-term benefits of products with slightly-higher upfront costs. Understanding that it's important to have a healthy balance of cost, quality and functionality/suitability, this article offers some tips for outlining your glass window product specifications. 1. Consider the big picture [Read More]

4 Tips to Prevent Birds from Hitting Your Glass Windows and Doors

One of the best things about expertly-installed and well-maintained glass is that it almost looks like it isn't there. This means that you can enjoy views from your house whenever you want, but it also increases the danger of birds colliding with your windows and doors and getting hurt or dying. This article offers suggestions to help you avoid this (one of them isn't to clean the glass!). 1. Get creative with stickers [Read More]

Why Use Glass Features and Accents in a Home

When it comes to your home's surfaces and various accent pieces or features, you might consider using glass as much as possible. There are many benefits to this material, and many reasons why it can be a better choice than many others; note a few of those benefits here, so you can opt for the best materials for your home's surfaces and various pieces and features in every room. Hygienic [Read More]