Why Homeowners Should Invest in Tempered Glass Windows

The functionality of a window is heavily reliant on the quality of the glass used. Tempered glass is a high-quality variant built for durability, and it is stronger than standard glass. Therefore, it protects home occupants and properties from burglars and the elements. Also, tempered glass has superior indoor insulation capability, making a home more energy-efficient. This article takes a deep dive into tempered glass windows for homes.

Tempering Process

Tempered glass is known for its robustness and strength because of specialised manufacturing procedures. During the high-pressure cooling process, the outer surface is cooled faster than the inner section through tempering, whereby the outer surface is put under compression force while the inner part is placed under tension.  Tempering changes some of the physical properties of glass, making it tough and resistant to shuttering. Note that cutting and drilling should be completed before the tempering process. 

Built for Strength

Windows can take quite a beating over their service life. From minor to significant impacts from projectiles to harsh weather conditions, windows will take it all and still protect a home from the outside conditions. The minimum surface compression strength of tempered glass is 10,000 PSI. The extra strength is designed to make the glass resistant to shatter. Therefore, installing such glass windows can prevent frequent cracking and breaking. Moreover, tempered glass windows can deter would-be burglars because of their strength and durability.  

Style and Safety

With tempered glass windows, you get the added benefit of a range of styles to suit diverse preferences. Buyers can choose between frosted, transparent and translucent styles. Furthermore, the problem with standard glass is that it shatters into shards, which can injure young children and adults alike. Tempered glass disintegrates into circular pieces, minimising the risk of injuries. Besides, cleaning broken tempered glass is safe and easy because the glass breaks into harmless pieces. In other instances, broken tempered glass does not disengage but interlocks with adjacent components. Therefore, you can safely replace the tempered glass. Most importantly, you significantly improve the safety of the indoor environment by installing tempered glass windows.

Energy-Efficient Option

Shrewd homeowners value window designs that help increase the energy efficiency rating of a home. Tempered glass windows can keep a home dry and comfortable because of the enhanced insulation properties, including a foam-filled vinyl frame and special glass coating. Therefore, such windows aid in maintaining optimum indoor temperatures. The long-term effect is a reduction in the cost of heating and cooling a home. 

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