Reasons To Install Custom Mirrors In Your Home

If you're looking for a way to transform a room, why not install custom mirrors? Doing this is much simpler than cutting out extra windows or shifting walls to increase the spaciousness and brightness of a room. Read on to find out the effects of mirrors and reasons to install them.

Provide A Sense Of Space 

While a mirror presents a solid surface, it gives the perception of space beyond. You might recognise this as an illusion, but mirrors still manage to give the impression of increased room proportions by adding dimension and depth. Position a series of three along a hallway to widen the area or place them across the wall in a small room. Large rooms also benefit, becoming even more spacious.

Reflect Natural Light

Few surfaces reflect light as much as a mirror. Your room might feature small windows or else buildings and structures outside may limit the daylight that enters. A strategically placed mirror will bounce illumination around, for a brighter, more inviting space. For the best result, position it opposite the window to reflect the brightness back into the room. It will feel like more daylight is streaming inside. 

Make A Statement

You can customise a mirror in endless ways to fit in with your space. A weathered timber frame perfectly suits a rustic design, while a smooth oval frame evokes a contemporary edge. Choose from silver and bronze trims, ornately carved or minimal and clean ones. Elegant polished wooden frames provide numerous other possibilities. Go for a stunning expansive mirror across an entire wall or place several smaller ones at strategic points. To emphasise a decorative focal point, place the mirror so that it provides twice the beauty. For instance, setoff and highlight a decorative chandelier by setting the mirror to reflect the sparkling light. Alternatively, place it opposite a stunning artwork or wall feature. 


There's no reason to settle for small mirrors that don't allow for a head-to-toe view when using a mirror for grooming. In a bedroom, install mirror wardrobe doors so you can try on clothes and get a full picture of how they look. Or place an expansive decorative reflector across a wall to express your personality and to create a pleasant and bright environment. A unique and creative way to incorporate mirrors into a bedroom is as tiles on a bedhead. A full-length mirror in a bathroom will prevent a cramped feeling and provide an overall view so you can look your best.