Why Light-Coloured Splashbacks Are The Best

Everyone has their preferences in regards to the types of splashbacks that they should install in their kitchen. One factor that plays an important role in this decision is the colour. Some of the options that are available to you include getting dark- or light-coloured splashbacks. Below are several reasons why you should select light-coloured splashbacks for your kitchen. Examples of these colours are baby blue and a light shade of yellow.

Easier to detect any stains

Since splashbacks are placed in the working and cooking areas of the kitchen, you will definitely stain them. When the splashback is baby blue, it becomes easier to see any stains on it. Some of the common causes of stains include soups and vegetable remains. Once you have noticed the stains, you will clean them, and in case of any difficulty, you can make arrangements for the right detergents to be bought. This is nearly impossible when you have dark-coloured glass splashbacks. If you have dark splashbacks, it might be difficult to detect any stains that are on the splashback, and this can lead to the accumulation of dirt. Such a scenario can be avoided by getting a light-coloured splashback.

Easily blend with the surroundings

Each person has their unique preferences in regards to the interior décor of their houses. As such, you might strive to match the colour of all the fittings in your home. This can be easily done when you are using light-coloured splashbacks since they can easily blend with different colours. Suppose you have installed yellow wallpapers in your kitchen; this will match with light red splashbacks better than a black splashback. Having light-coloured splashbacks gives you a lot of freedom when you are feeling artistic and want to repaint the colours in your kitchen without changing your current splashbacks.

Cause fewer distractions

Splashbacks are mainly installed for functional purposes, and this should always be taken into consideration when you are making your selection. You should avoid brightly coloured splashbacks which can cause distractions to anyone using the kitchen. Once the splashback draws your attention, you can lose focus, and this can cause accidents in the kitchen. However, if the colour of the splashback is a light shade, it is easier to ignore.

For the best results when selecting glass splashbacks, you can consult your interior designer. They will assess your kitchen and its setting before helping you pick the perfect splashback.