Where to Add Frameless Glass to Your Home

Frameless glass is a good choice for use around the home, to bring in added light and open up a space. Thick, tough glass can be used in various areas as doors, windows and even as a ceiling, making your home brighter and more welcoming. Consider some areas where you might add frameless glass to your home, and discuss these suggestions with a contractor so you can have a home that is unique to you and that you truly love.


A sunroom isn't much of a sunroom if it's closed-in and dark! Replacing a sunroom's roof and walls with frameless glass opens up the space and makes it bright and enjoyable. You can even create a sunroom with frameless glass around your patio so you can enjoy sunshine while still having protection from summertime heat.


A home's staircase can look rather dark and dim if it's in a far corner of the home, and the stairs may then detract from the home's entryway. Using frameless glass as the balustrade can open up that staircase and help to bring in light. This can also give the stairs a modern look and increase safety, as more light can mean being able to see the stairs more easily, so you're less likely to trip and tumble.

Interior doors

Glass doors can help light to pass through your entire home, rather than being cut off at various rooms. If you don't necessarily need much privacy in a space, such as in a home office or dining room, consider replacing the entryway walls and doors of those rooms with frameless glass. Your entire home will then seem more open and inviting.

Glass shower doors are also a good choice, especially in smaller bathrooms that don't get much light. The glass door won't cut off the light into the shower, and the entire space will seem brighter and more cheerful.

Bay windows

It's not difficult for a contractor to remove a section of your home's exterior wall, and frameless glass can then be added to create a bay window that juts out from the home. A larger window can include a seat for reading or relaxing, or a smaller bay window might be put over the kitchen sink, with shelves you can use for growing your own herbs and small plants. This can add lots of light to any area of the home or create a nice nook in a bedroom that adds personality and style to the space.