Why Use Glass Features and Accents in a Home

When it comes to your home's surfaces and various accent pieces or features, you might consider using glass as much as possible. There are many benefits to this material, and many reasons why it can be a better choice than many others; note a few of those benefits here, so you can opt for the best materials for your home's surfaces and various pieces and features in every room.


The density of glass makes it a very hygienic surface; the material won't hold germs and bacteria very well, so it's a good choice for kitchen benchtops and splashbacks. You can also easily clean glass with just a damp rag and simple glass cleaner; because it's not very porous, you won't need to scrub the surface to remove ground-in dirt and food stains. The material also won't hold mould and mildew very well, so it's a good choice for the bathroom shower enclosure, and can mean far less scrubbing and cleaning than with a standard shower curtain and liner.


Along with being very hygienic, the density of glass also makes it very durable. You can prep food right on a glass benchtop and not leave behind scratches or marks, and a glass splashback isn't likely to crack or chip even when exposed to high heat. Glass also doesn't feed a fire, so it can help stop a fire that might start on the cooktop, preventing damage to the walls behind it.

A thick glass shower screen is also very durable and strong and can be used by someone with balance issues if they need to grasp something while stepping in and out of the bathtub. You can then forego the cluttered and busy look of safety rails in the bath, while still keeping the tub safe for everyone in the family.


Glass is made from abundant materials that are easy to harvest, whereas most types of stone require harsh blasting to harvest, and cutting down trees for timber surfaces can contribute to deforestation. Glass is also very easy to recycle, and new glass pieces can often be made from at least some recycled and reclaimed materials, keeping that old material out of landfills. Because glass is relatively easy to make, the process of creating glass splashbacks, benchtops, and shower screens can mean far less pollution than what is produced to form stone surfaces and other such materials for a home. This makes glass a very eco-friendly choice for any surface or feature in your home.